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FindYourCoach is the 1st business coaching platform in Greece.

Our aim is to connect businesses and individuals with the best business coaches.

Our advanced matching system connects individuals with a thoroughly curated group of business coaches who best fit their profile and coaching needs.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is an effective approach for individuals seeking to improve their professional skills, maximize their potential, and achieve their goals. It is a process of ongoing support that helps individuals stay motivated and engaged by providing guidance, feedback, encouragement, and reinforcement.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, business coaches help individuals identify areas for growth, set measurable objectives, and create actionable plans for success.

Is it for me?

Are you an organization looking to develop…

First-time Leaders?

Lacking experience in managing people the right way?


Searching to develop skills & knowledge as well as increase productivity?

High potential employees?

Looking to advance your career & increase
your performance?


Seeking guidance & support to build successful ventures?

Are you an individual interested in business coaching?

When we are ready,
you will be the first to know!


What do we offer?

Ensuring that every individual is paired with a qualified and experienced professional who can guide them in achieving their goals.

Taking into account the individual’s background, experience and objectives, as well as the coach’s expertise and coaching style.


We match employees with the right fit coach

We provide a list of certified coaches

The employee chooses their preferred coach

Choose your goal

Our business coaches can help your employees improve:

Leadership skills

Communication skills

Hybrid & remote team management

Work - Life Balance

Overall Performance

Time Management


How it works

These are the steps of  your coaching experience.


To know you better, you will fill out a short questionnaire with information about yourself and your coaching needs.


Our advanced system recommends a pool of 3 coaches who best fit your profile and coaching needs.


Now is your chance to choose the coach that you want to work with to begin your coaching journey.


You can easily book your sessions online using our user-friendly platform.


You are now ready to attend your first coaching session with your chosen coach online!

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